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 October 1, 2019 | Bruno Auger

What Do These Online Business Owners Have In Common?

(Other Than Getting Nailed By The FTC)?

In an era when people look for a reason to sue people, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that has started taking a closer look at look at online business owners, you've got to do all you can to protect your business.
This means you've got to have *proper* legal notices and disclaimers displayed on your website. You can just use any cookie cutter  privacy policies to protect you online assets
You've got the FTC, and then you've got the equivalent of 50 "Little FTC's" that you need to stay compliant with. You see, every State has its FTC equivalent, and California leads the way with its California Online Privacy Act... And it doesn't even matter if your business is in California, or some other State

In order to follow compliance rules with every country, you must make sure  all of your websites policies online follow certain guidelines in order that they comply with the FTC and other countries regulations.

Small business owner and online entrepreneurs are not usually familiar with what they need to do when it comes to being compliant online. In most case people just don't have time to read through the legal FTC guidelines, let alone creating the necessary legal pages on their website

What Would You Do If The FTC Sued You and Your Business?


It could never happen to you, could it? You run a straight online business; everything is above-board. Your marketing material is honest, and you treat your customers right. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) couldn’t sue you, could they?

The fact of the matter is that you might not know anything about it until one day, a friendly-looking man asks if you are (insert your name here). You tell him, 'yes, that's me,' he politely hands you a big bundle of documents. Then the chilling words that nobody wants to hear 'your assets are frozen pending legal action by the FTC.

That Could Never Happen To Me?

Well, yes, actually, it could happen, it has happened. Unless your online activities meet the requirements of the FTC, you could be the next person to get the bundle of documents. It’ll happen because somebody, almost certainly one of your customers, made a complaint to the FTC.

You do not want to be sued by the FTC. For most small businesses, FTC action is a one-way street that leads to closure and financial ruin.

How Can You Keep The FTC Away From Your Business?

There are no guarantees in life, but there are things you can do. The FTC rarely takes up cudgels against small businesses absent external pressure. Your job as the owner of your online business is to make sure that you never have customers who make justifiable complaints to the FTC! You need to be sure that if an FTC investigator looks at your business, they see nothing that leads them to take an even closer look at your activities.

But that seems difficult and expensive, right?
Well, it could be, but what is more costly to your business and family security?
1) Taking the hit of an investigation, court action, lawyers and an almost inevitable and crippling financial penalty
2) You take steps to make sure that your business looks and is compliant with FTC regulations?
There are steps that you can take today that can protect your business from the disruption and expense of dealing with an FTC investigation.


Knowledge is Power And You Can Be Very Powerful!

In modern life and business, we often say that 'knowledge is power'. That’s true. The more that you know, or the better you can leverage somebody else’s expertise, the more powerful you become. The better you can protect your business from devastating harm.

Here’s what you need to protect your business from the business ending complaints and investigations:

1) The right information on your website, clarifying your offers, how you work, and your relationships with your clients.
2) Accurate and timely information about changes in the legal landscape surrounding your business
3) Documentation that is relevant to your business activities that meets FTC requirements and that your business implements at all levels.
4) Actionable guidance to enable you to relate with clients, suppliers, and service providers in ways that will not cause issues with the FTC.
5) Documentation that enables you to look up answers to questions as they arise on a day to day basis.

FTC Guardian Protects Your Business From FTC Disaster

In short, you need FTC Guardian – legal protection for your online business. With the support and guidance that FTC Guardian offers you will be able to leverage the knowledge of experts to:

a) Create website documents that are FTC compliant.
b) Create Customer agreements that legally limit your liabilities while trading profitably.
c) Learn about FTC compliance and why it is vitally important to your business survival.
d) Develop risk avoidance strategies that support your documentation.
FTC compliance is a complicated matter. The FTC Guardian website provides a wealth of information to help you understand the challenges that your online business faces right now. Because you cannot afford to meet the friendly process server and his big bundle of documents, check out the FTC Guardian Platform before its too late!

Chip Cooper -  SaaS Attorney, Internet Attorney, E-Commerce Attorney